Yoshinori Saito

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    After the snow

    Yoshinori Saito photographs the snowy landscapes of the Hokkaido region in Japan. He wanders through nature after days of strong storms to capture the traces, when calm has returned. A way for him to pay tribute to the indigenous people Ainu, who believe that God will make them reappear on earth in due time after their death.


  • 人物生平


    Sapporo, Japan , - 1969

    Yoshinori Saito (1969) was born in Sapporo. Early in his career as photographer he was an assistant of Takayuki Fujikura. Saito's focus is on landscape photography. His work was widely shown in Japan and was part of the 2009 Exhibit Hasselblad Masters World Tour (London, New York, Hong Kong).

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