Insula Lux - Augmented C-prints

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    "Insula Lux - Augmented C-prints"
    from Thursday, May 17, 2018 to Saturday, June 23, 2018
    Galerie XII Paris

    The Catalonian painter presents an astonishing exhibition of Type-C prints augmented by oil paint. Each work is unique.

    Renowned for his chiaroscuros, Taulé's game is played between light and shadows in highly structured places, opening up entirely new perspectives. At the center of the image, a fountain of light draws the eye. Taulé paints in oil directly on the print: erasing a character there, adding an imaginary perspective there, and there opening a door into a garden.

    After the triple exhibition "Interior" (2016), celebrated by friends Christian Boltanksi, Jean-Claude Carrière, Sarah Moon or Erro, "Insula Lux" marks a new stage in Taulé's work. Darkness fades; the light arrives and catches the eye.

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