Insula Lux

  • 展览
    "Insula Lux"
    from Saturday, June 29, 2019 to Saturday, September 7, 2019
    Galerie XII Los Angeles

    Galerie XII Los Angeles is pleased to host the West Coast debut exhibition of renowned Spanish artist Taulé (b. 1945, Spain). Following the recent exhibition at the Chanel Nexus Hall, Tokyo, the exhibition Insula Lux presents original oil paintings as well as an array of astonishing Type-C prints with hand-applied oil paint, making each work unique. Taulé paints in oil directly on the photographic print: erasing a character here, adding an imaginary perspective there, and then opening a door into an ethereal garden of his imagination. At the center of the image, a fountain of light draws the eye.

    After the multi-institution exhibition "Interior" (2016) in Paris, Insula Lux marks a new stage in Taulé’s oeuvre. Darkness fades; the light arrives and catches the eye.
    Taulé'swork explores the relationships between light and shadow, interior and exterior, presence and absence.

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