Mathew McWilliams - Village Saint Paul association

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    "Mathew McWilliams - Village Saint Paul association "
    from Thursday, October 6, 2022 to Sunday, November 6, 2022
    10 rue des Jardins Saint - Paul 75004 Paris

    This inaugural exhibition, organised for the first time by the Village Saint Paul association is hosted in 15 venues in this historic neighbourhood of the Marais.

    The Saint-Paul Visits are the opportunity to discover the work of Mathew McWilliams, a Canadian artist who lives in Paris and whose workshop is located in Poush, a site devoted to contemporar creation in Aubervilliers. For twenty years on canvas and paper, Mathew McWilliams has taken the question of imprinting, revelation, to a point of delicate tension.

    By multiplying the techniques used and the associated gestures, the surface, rubbed, folded, crumpled, obstructed, dyed, painted, printed, photographed or re-photographed, namely approached from varions angles according to what drives it, becomes like a piece of pure time, in which passages and interventions form materials, in which colour, a fossil trace, becomes a real epiphany.

    This original artistic event around a selection of abstract works from his latest series, each presented in a different venue, offers you the chance to meet a wallpaper designer, an antique dealer, a ceramics restorer, a bookseller, a designer, a wine merchant, a gallery owner, and more. With figures from the Village, the heart and soul oh a neighbourhood.

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