Sacha Goldberger

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    Extra not so terrestre, 2021-2022

    Series of 26 photographs & 8 portraits
    Just after an alien attack, the Earth was deserted.
    Men have been turned into cacti, and there are only a few
    women left.
    UFOs are very strange and look more like colanders than hightech
    Roswell walks by a diner near a California desert, and he seems
    to be having a good time…

    I Want to Believe, 2021-2022

    Series of 23 b&w photographs.
    Loneliness after the end of a world. Lost on a planet where there is no sea, it is the drought.
    Goldberger invites us to find a way to escape… a way to leave, to move, to slide. For that b&w eye-catching body of work, he uses multiple visual references – to Western and anticipation movies, to the West Coast culture... And also refers to a binary vision of things, the internal conflict between good and evil. The waiting, always the waiting, with the surf and the board in trompe-l'oeil. An analog series, printed on a vintage paper is no longer produced today.

  • Biography


    France , 1968

    Sacha Goldberger is a French Photographer celebrated for his narrative photography series that embody a cinematic quality.
    He started his career as a creative artist at CLM BBDO, one the major advertising agencies of the time and graduated from the Ecole de l’Image Gobelins in Paris.

    His work has been influenced by the concept of weaving cultures that oppose each other and of combining the incompatible. The desire to tell stories that challenge traditional categories has been his driving motivation and has propelled him to create projects worthy of film productions.

    As for many contemporary photographers, Hopper has been a major influence. His images have been compared to that of Eugenio Recuenco, Erwin Olaf, Jeff Wall or Gregory Crewdson for their shooting technique; but their subject matter is quite personal, their uniqueness is derived from off beat references in time and space. He initially won notoriety after the release of his series featuring his grandmother “ Mamika” shot as a popular superhero. His talent was further acknowledged and celebrated with his Super Flemish series, a “Renaissance” interpretation of popular comic characters.

    His work is strictly scripted, built, and engineered. He navigates through time with costumes and historical sets, creating visual stories that entice the imagination and challenge the realm of possibilities.

    He has published several books and has been exhibited in international Art Fairs and galleries. His series have been shown in monumental outdoors exhibitions in Paris and Delhi. He lives and works in Paris, France.
    He is currently a Leica Ambassador.

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