Aaron Lacy

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    "Americanized" is a series that examines the experience of assimilating into American culture. The artist employs juxtaposition as a technique to highlight the multifaceted nature of the relationship between different cultures and American culture. By placing elements from these cultures side by side, the artist creates a contrast that reveals the complexity of this relationship. This contrast can take many forms, such as a comparison of customs, values, beliefs, or traditions, and it serves to shed light on the diverse experiences and perspectives that shape our understanding of this relationship. The artist aims to stimulate a conversation about how adopting the "American Dream" can significantly change a person's identity.

    Milk - Fluidity

    flu.id.i.ty - Milk Series

    Fluidity is the quality of being likely to change repeatedly and unexpectedly. It is the ability of a substance to flow easily. This series combines liquid in motion and the feminine form as Lacy believes that the two are synonymous. Shot in black and white using high-speed photography techniques, Lacy captures seemingly impossible moments in a minimalist style. Lacy eliminates the inessential and focuses entirely on form, freezing time at infinitesimal durations.

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    USA , 1984

    Los Angeles based Photographer Aaron Lacy is primarily known for his iconic “Milk” Series which includes hundreds of black-and-white images that portray the dynamics of the fluid frozen in time as it comes in contact with the feminine form. Lacy meticulously poses his subjects and uses high speed photography techniques to capture these discreet and captivating moments often giving the appearance of suspended reality. Lacy’s technical approach to photography can be attributed to his background in electrical engineering. His works have received acclaim for their minimalistic qualities and enigmatic nature and can be found in prestigious collections around the country.


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