Christopher Thomas

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    “This series is about feelings, sad ones, happy ones and everything in between. It is about joy and fear, it is melancholic and warm, it is about gain and loss, it is about the beginning and the end of life and the whole time in between.” – Christopher Thomas

    Passion, 2010

    From a vow made in 1633, every ten years, the inhabitants of Oberammergau, a small town in Bavaria, put on a show recounting the sufferings, the death and the resurrection of Jesus.

    In 2010, Christopher Thomas decided to photograph these scenes of the Passion. He focused on the expression of the deepest human feelings, hope, suffering, astonishment, horror, joy. The photographs do not represent overall scenes. They are portraits of individuals, those amateurs who embody the protagonists of history: merchants, soldiers, the apostles, Mary, Jesus.
    The shots took place during the rehearsals. The choice of colors - subtle shades of brown, gray, on dark backgrounds, reinforces the expressive power of the images.
    The images refer to the works of great European painters like Holbein the Elder, Caravaggio, Zurbaran, Rembrandt ...

    Lost in L.A., 2015-2017

    Venice in solitude, 2012

    New York Sleeps, 2001-2009

    Paris, City of Light, 2014

    The complete series of 100 images can be seen in the book "Paris City of Lights", Prestel Editions, 2014.

  • Biography


    Germany , 1961

    Christopher Thomas was born in Munich in 1961 and graduated from the Bayerische Staatslehranstalt für Photographie. He has received a number of international awards as a commercial photographer.

    In the 1990s, Thomas also worked as a photographer for aid organizations such as Nepra e. V. and DAHW (German Leprosy and Tuberculosis Relief Organization) on numerous trips to Nepal, India, and Ethiopia, for which he received the World Press Award and the Epica Award (both 1995) as well as the Gold Medal (1995) at the New York Festival. Between 2012 and 2016 he accompanied an international group of female plastic surgeons on their travels to India and Bangladesh documenting their work.

    As an artist, Christopher Thomas has established a reputation above all through his city portraits. His series Munich Elegies was published in 2005 by Schirmer / Mosel Verlag. This was followed in 2009 by the series New York Sleeps published by Prestel Verlag.

    In 2010 Christopher Thomas photographed amateur actors and actresses during rehearsals for the Passion Play in Oberammergau. The result was a series of fifty-six portraits, reminiscent of paintings by Old Masters, which evoke the spirit of the Passion Play. These portraits were published in a book titled Passion by Prestel Verlag in the same year. They have been exhibited worlwide, most recently in the German Parliament.

    Works by Christopher Thomas can be seen worldwide in renowned photo galleries and at trade fairs, but also in large private and institutional collections such as the François Pinault Collection, the Nicola Erni Collection, the Sir Elton John Photo Collection, the Art Collection of the German Bundestag and many others.


    Lost in L.A., HIGHLIGHTS Art Fair Munich
    Lost in L.A., Hamiltons Gallery, London
    New York Sleeps, Venice in Solitude, Paris . City of Light, Engadin, Flo Peters Gallery, Hamburg

    Engadin, Art Genève, Geneva
    Engadin, Bernheimer Fine Art, Lucerne
    Passion, St. Matthäus Church, Berlin
    Passion, Herrenclub, Munich
    Vom Allmächtigen zum Leibhaftigen – Religous works from the SØR Rusche Collection Oelde/Berlin, Kunsthaus Apolda Avantgarde

    Engadin, Evangelische Dorfkirche, St. Moritz
    Wahrheiten (Truths) – Contemporary Art in Dialog with Old Masters, Works from the SØR Rusche Collection Oelde/Berlin, Museum Abtei Liesborn
    Paris City of Light, Paris Photo Fair, Bernheimer Fine Art Photography, Munich
    The Human Face: Christopher Thomas in the Company of Old Masters, Colnaghi Old Masters, London
    Views of Paris, group exhibition including “Sacre Cœr III”, Kunstmuseum Picasso Münster

    Paris City of Light, Steven Kasher Gallery, New York
    Paris City of Light, Bernheimer Fine Art Photography, Munich
    City portraits: Munich, New York, Venice, Paris, Bernheimer Fine Art, Lucerne
    Passion, Museum Kirche zum Heiligen Kreuz, Zitta

    seelenblicke, KunstKulturKirche, Frankfurt
    New York Sleeps, Photolux Festival, Lucca
    Leitzachtal 2012, Tannerhof, Bayrischzell
    City Portraits, Elipsis Gallery, Istanbul
    Burnt Women, Bernheimer Fine Art Photography
    Passion Inri, Sankt Rochus Church, Düsseldorf

    Venice, in Solitude, Hamiltons Gallery, London
    Venice, in Solitude, Bernheimer Fine Art Photography, Munich
    Venice, in Solitude, Fifty One Fine Art Photography, Antwerp
    Passion, Galerie Photo 12, Paris
    New York Sleeps, Helsinki Photography Biennial
    New York Sleeps, Museum im Kleihues-Bau, Stuttgart-Kornwestheim
    Venice in Solitude, Steven Kasher Gallery, New York
    Passion, Bayerisches Nationalmuseum, Munich
    New York Sleeps, The Wapping Project Bankside, London

    New York Sleeps, Fifty One Fine Art Photography, Antwerpen
    Munich . New York . Photographs

    Bernheimer Fine Art Photography, Schloss Fuschl, Fuschl, Austria
    New York Sleeps . Photographs by Christopher Thomas,
    Bernheimer Fine Art Photography, Munich

    Christopher Thomas . New York Sleeps, Steven Kasher Gallery, New York
    Munich inspires, Exhibition for the 850th city anniversary,
    Literaturhaus München, Munich

    Places beyond Turbulence . Photographs by Olaf Otto Becker and
    Christopher Thomas, Credit Suisse AG, Munich

    Munich Elegies . Photographs by Christopher Thomas, Fotomuseum München
    Christopher Thomas . Munich Elegies. Photographs from 1999–2005

    Schirmer/Mosel Showroom, Munich

    Museums and collections:

    German Parliament (Deutscher Bundestag)
    SOR Collection
    Credit Suisse
    Elton John Collection
    Francois Pinault Collection
    Nicola Erni Collection
    Bayerisches Nationalmuseum (Bavarian National Museum)
    Fotomuseum München ( Museum for photography Munich)
    Agnelli Collection


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    2017 | Lost in L.A.
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    2015 | Engadin
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    2014 | Paris, City of Lights
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