Gao Hui

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    The Invisible

    The Taihang Mountains stretch along the central plain of China as a forgotten piece of history, wild, beaten by the winds, beautiful and desolate. Civilizations passed there without leaving a visible trace. By photographing sandbars in very close-ups, Gao Hui lets the viewer find the keys, symbols, interpretations.

    Among Mountains and Rivers, 2013

    "Standing on the peak of plateau, you find the height of nature and appreciate the top of spiritual world as well. The grand scenery of life is opened starting from here."
    Gao Hui.
    What is constructed in his images are undoubtedly mountains and rivers of his imagination. By incorporating symbol elements such as birds, figures, monks and buildings, he forces the viewer to gaze at them so that he can spread his philosophical considerations on freedom, belief and "man as a measure of nature".

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    China , 1961-

    Gao Hui was born in 1961 and lives in the city of Puyang, Henan, China.
    He is the member of the China Photographers Association, the Henan Photographers Association, the Henan Artistic Photography Society, and Vice-Chairman of the Puyang Photographers Association.

    Land in West of China was exhibited in the 8th China Photographic Art Festival, i.e., First Dali International Photography Convention in August 2009
    Colorful Yunnan, exhibited at China’s Lishui International Photography Festival in Nov 2009
    Like Poems and Paintings, a First Prize winner of the 16th Photography Art Exhibition of Henan in 2009
    Distant Dust, an Excellent Prize winner of the 23rd National Photography Art Exhibition in 2010
    Sweeping Past, a First Prize winner of the 12th Artistic Photography Exhibition of Henan in 2011
    The Invisible, a Second Prize winner of the 17th Photography Art Exhibition of Henan in 2011
    Landscape, jointly exhibited by two persons at the Art Gallery of Henan Art Center in Nov 2011
    The Invisible, exhibited at China’s Lishui International Photography Festival in 2011
    New Look of New Countryside Community, a First Prize winner of the Countryside Photography Contest of Henan in 2012
    Saint Lake, exhibited (in bronze media) at the “Lang Jingshan Cup” International Landscape and Custom Photography Exhibition in 2012
    The Distant Yuntai Mountain, collected as a classical work by China’s Yuntai Mountain International Photography Exhibition in 2012
    The Invisible, an Exhibition Prize winner at the 4th China’s Ji’nan International Biennial of Photography in 2012
    Snowy Plateau won Award of Excellence in the 24th National Photographic Art Exhibition in 2012
    The Invisible, exhibited at the 4th China’s Dali International Photography Conference in Aug 2012
    Among Mountains and Rivers, exhibited at the PhotoLA International Photographic Art Exposition of the United States in 2013
    Among Mountains and Rivers, personally exhibited at the Lishui International Photography Culture Festival in 2013


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