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    "Thanks for visiting us"
    from Thursday, April 25, 2024 to Sunday, April 28, 2024

    Our solo show with new works by the emerging French photographer Charlotte Mano was very much remarked. Her photographic work, if it unfolds in appearance around several themes (the body, the space, the darkness), does not cease to question the image: its power of representation and transparency, but also its own limits

    The ongoing Mythologies series started in 2020 is composed of self portraits made at night, with the only light of the full moon. One image every full moon. As always with Mano, there’s a kind of silence, a melancholy grace. On a technical point of view, the images – very grainy due to the lack of light – are directly printed with UV on an aluminum plate.

    Les Fétiches (2024) are like amulets, small precious objects in which the artist puts herself on stage, in a perpetual ode to nature.Charlotte Mano generously bestows virtues of protection and luck upon each engraving she creates in her studio, making them unique and special. Like a marabout, she transports us into an intimate, silent and phantasmagorical universe, straight out of the garden of childhood.

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