• Exhibition
    from Saturday, November 5, 2016 to Saturday, December 31, 2016
    Galerie XII Paris

    Photographs on photographic paper, light boxes, metal frames, and Plexiglas—Anne Pharel creates objects from photographs and plays with different media to address a central theme, time and flow - the recurring problem at the heart of her artistic approach.

    Capturing fleeting moments contained by their own, finite nature to give them a new, longer, stretched temporality, the artist questions the porous boundary between past and future, before and after, dream and reality, and appearance and disappearance.

    Anne Pharel invites us to the heart of nature during her nocturnal wanderings: roots, leaves, streams, and trunks punctuate these suspended moments. Here, the erosion of time has left its mark on the crumbled walls and the light of dawn echoes that of twilight, with the photographer’s characteristic diffusion continually evoking the transience of the moment. The light box crystallizes eternity to the point that time stands still, frozen on its foundation. By transfiguring the real, Anne Pharel reveals a hidden side to the elements that defies perception.

    The exhibition will feature forty unique works from Pharel’s various series: Sub Noctem, Panning for Gold, Elusiveness and Derivatives, Interior Gardens.

    Three of Pharel’s works have become part of the collection of the National Library of France.


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