• Exhibition
    from Thursday, September 22, 2022 to Sunday, December 18, 2022
    Museo Ettore Fico - Via Francesco Cigna 114, 10155 Turin - Italy

    Between painting and photography, the works of Patrizia Mussa bring back the photographic medium and the technique of hand coloring in a timeless dimension.
    The meticulous filling of the printed spaces with very delicate shades of pastel colours instils in the viewer a distance that determines in his observation a detachment from the present to bring the artifact back into a timeless and unreal sphere. The reproducibility of the photographic medium is denied in its multiplicity in these works where the artist intervenes by making each print an impossible unicum to replicate.
    Photographic negatives, printed on precious cotton paper, broaden the temporal context, referring to illuminated manuscripts, incunabula, precious parchments, Turner and Venetian landscape painters. Optical chamber, dark camber, or operating room? The artist uses pastels as pointed scalpels that leave imperceptible marks on the paper, determining atmospheric nuances and glacial reflections.

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