Chambres de reportage

  • Exhibition
    "Chambres de reportage"
    from Friday, October 31, 2014 to Saturday, November 22, 2014
    Galerie XII Paris

    The War Photographer Marc Charuel keeps in his memory dozens of faces, men, women and children he met briefly, he photographed, who went on or for many who disappeared.
    He reminds them with the impression to have left them on the side. Many times he went back to try to find them, he never did.
    His first assignment was in Belfast in 1972. His masters were Burrows, McCullin, Page, Huet, Caron... Two years later, he was sent to Vietnam, his first significant work, a tough initiatory journey. Followed Cambodia, Burma, Laos, the Philippines, Venezuela, Armenia, Thailand, Afghanistan...
    In every place where he worked, he always tried to create a place which would be his. Could be a hotel room, a cot in a bunker, a barn, an attic. Together with the faces, these places come back to haunt him at night.
    When he finally went through his archive images, he had to recognize that they did not change the world as he had hoped when he had embraced the career as a youngster. They would have stayed in boxes if Tim Page had not suggested that he published them as dyptics, the war photographs together with the images of his hideaways.


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