Friction by Maragaret Lansink

  • Exhibition
    "Friction by Maragaret Lansink"
    from Friday, September 22, 2023 to Saturday, October 28, 2023
    Galerie XII Paris

    From September 22 to October 28 2023 Galerie XII Paris presents in its two spaces,10 and 14 rue des Jardins Saint-Paul, the new solo exhibition by Margaret Lansink in which works from her latest "Friction" series interact with works from previous series, creating a visual universe, illustrating her mastery of a variety of techniques: platinum palladium prints, liquid light prints or collages enhanced with gold leaf or charcoal. An invitation to a journey into Margaret Lansink's delicate, poetic universe, where our relationship with nature resonates with our intimacy.

    In "Friction", Margaret Lansink draws on the philosophy of Simone de Beauvoir, in particular her perception of becoming, of inevitable change and our fear, as humans, of these changes. Anxiety in the face of the unknown, uncertainty, insecurity: no individual can resist this permanent renewal, so why dread it? The artist invites us to embrace it rather than oppose it, to see it as a source of beauty rather than anguish. A beauty which, according to Margaret Lansink, revives our thoughts, our ideas, our human bonds, our society and, above all, our relationship with nature. This friction consists in synchronizing humanity's eternal becoming with nature, which, in a time of its own, follows its own logic independently of our own becoming as human beings.

    By placing in perspective professional ballet dancers, forced to give up their activity at an early age, and photographs of the harsh nature of California's Death Valley, where time seems to play no apparent role, the artist invites us to distinguish beauty in both evolution and permanence. These are the frictions that we, as human beings, must overcome in order to continue inhabiting our planet. Sensitivity is thus seen as a force that could prove crucial in bridging the gap between humanity and nature.

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